To girls who feel lonely

Sometimes, we feel so hopeless,when a holiday we have been hoping for a long time really comes, coz we have nothing to do except sleeping, or lying on the bed watching desperate housewife. we sort of wish the workday could come faster.

maybe it occurs to you that,you should find someone to spend the day with, coz most holiday plans include at least two. you do a really careful research about how to make a new kind of soup, but no one is making some comments, you choose a well-fit suit, but no one is there to appreciate,you need someone to go with to see the hittest movie, you have a great time sweating in the gym, but no one is there you could go all the way home with, you gotta take the subway all alone. You keep walking with your eyes on the possibilities, meanwhile,you are afraid it is gonna take a long time, and women couldn’t afford to wait.

Honey, here I don’t know what to say to comfort you,making you feel any better, but we made a choice,didn’t we? to marry one who we really love, who we wanna spend the rest of our life with. we never wanna take it randomly. we chose to wait, to turn down some generous matchup intentions. we strongly believe, as long as we could stick to our heart, we could make it.

See? this is the price we might pay for it. that is being lonely till we get it. all we could do is to make it more colourful, we gotta come up with more and more brillant ideas, make our days different and fulfilled. these time could be given by god to have us upleveled before we enter the married life. Let’s cherish it. just don’t waste it.


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