评选人是《时代》评论家Lev Grossman和Richard Lacayo,评选时限为1923年(《时代杂志》创刊的年份)至今,范围是全世界,语种是英语。

  1.  The Adventures of Augie Marchby Saul Bellow 下载pdf
  2. All the King’s Menby Robert Penn Warren
  3. American Pastoral[美国牧歌]by Philip Roth 下载doc
  4. An American Tragedy[美国悲剧]by Theodore Dreiser 下载pdf
  5. Animal Farm[动物农庄]by George Orwell 下载pdf
  6. Appointment in Samarraby John O’Hara
  7. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaretby Judy Blume
  8. The Assistantby Bernard Malamud
  9. At Swim-Two-Birdsby Flann O’Brien
  10. Atonementby Ian McEwan下载doc,pdf
  11. Beloved[宠儿]by Toni Morrison 
  12. The Berlin Storiesby Christopher Isherwood
  13. The Big Sleep[夜长梦多]by Raymond Chandler 下载pdf
  14. The Blind Assassin[盲人杀手]by Margaret Atwood 下载pdf
  15. Blood Meridian[血色子午线]by Cormac McCarthy 下载pdf
  16. Brideshead Revisitedby Evelyn Waugh
  17. TheBridgeofSan LuisReybyThorntonWilder
  18. Call It Sleepby Henry Roth
  19. Catch-22[第二十二条军规]by Joseph Heller 下载doc
  20. The Catcher in the Rye[麦田里的守望者]by J.D. Salinger 下载Ebook
  21. A Clockwork Orange[发条橙子]by Anthony Burgess 下载pdf
  22. The Confessions of Nat Turnerby William Styron
  23. The Correctionsby Jonathan Franzen
  24. The Crying of Lot 49[拍卖第49]by Thomas Pynchon下载pdf
  25. A Dance to the Music of Timeby Anthony Powell
  26. The Day of the Locustby Nathanael West
  27. Death Comes for the Archbishop[大主教之死]by Willa Cather 下载doc
  28. A Death in the Familyby James Agee
  29. The Death of the Heartby Elizabeth Bowen
  30. Deliveranceby James Dickey
  31. Dog Soldiersby Robert Stone
  32. Falconerby John Cheever
  33. The French Lieutenant’s Womanby John Fowles在线阅读
  34. The Golden Notebookby Doris Lessig
  35. Go Tell it on the Mountainby James Baldwin
  36. Gone With the Wind[]by Margaret Mitchell 下载pdf
  37. The Grapes of Wrath[愤怒的葡萄]by John Steinbeck 下载pdf
  38. Gravity’s Rainbowby Thomas Pynchon下载pdf
  39. The Great Gatsby[了不起的盖茨比]by F. Scott Fitzgerald 下载pdf
  40. A Handful of Dust[一掬尘土]by Evelyn Waugh 下载pdf
  41. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter[心是孤独的猎手]by Carson McCullers 下载pdf
  42. The Heart of the Matter[事情的核心/问题的核心]by Graham Greene 下载pdf
  43. Herzogby Saul Bellow
  44. Housekeeping[管家]by Marilynne Robinson 下载pdf
  45. A House for Mr. Biswas[毕斯瓦思先生之屋]by V.S. Naipaul 下载pdf
  46. I, Claudiusby Robert Graves
  47. Infinite Jestby David Foster Wallace
  48. Invisible Man[隐形人]by Ralph Ellison 下载pdf
  49. Light in August[八月之光]by William Faulkner 下载Ebook
  50. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe[女巫狮子和魔衣橱]by C.S. Lewis 下载Ebook
  51. Lolita[洛丽塔]by Vladimir Naboko 下载pdf
  52. Lord of the Flies[蝇王]by William Golding 下载Ebook
  53. The Lord of the Rings  by J.R.R. Tolkein

  54. Silmarillion下载Hobbit下载 Fellowship下载 TwoTowers下载 King下载 相关资料
  55. Lovingby Henry Green
  56. Lucky Jim[幸运的吉姆]by Kingsley Amis下载pdf
  57. The Man Who Loved Childrenby Christina Stead
  58. Midnight’s Childrenby Salman Rushdie
  59. Moneyby Martin Amis
  60. The Moviegoerby Walker Percy
  61. Mrs. Dalloway[达罗薇夫人]by Virginia Woolf 下载pdf
  62. Naked Lunch[裸体午餐]by William Burroughs 下载pdf
  63. Native Sonby Richard Wright
  64. Neuromancer[神经漫游者]by William Gibson 下载pdf
  65. Never Let Me Go[别让我走]by Kazuo Ishiguro 下载Ebook
  66. 1984[一九八四]by George Orwell 下载pdf
  67. On the Road[在路上]by Jack Kerouac 下载pdf
  68. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest[飞越疯人院]by Ken Kesey 下载pdf
  69. The Painted Birdby Jerzy Kosinski
  70. Pale Fire[幽冥的火]by Vladimir Nabokov 下载pdf
  71. A Passage to India[印度之行]by E.M. Forster 下载pdf
  72. Play It As It Laysby Joan Didion
  73. Portnoy’s Complaintby Philip Roth
  74. Posessionby A.S. Byatt
  75. The Power and the Glory[权力与荣耀]by Graham Greene 下载pdf
  76. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodieby Muriel Spark
  77. Rabbit, Run[兔子,跑吧]by John Updike 下载pdf
  78. Ragtimeby E.L. Doctorow
  79. The Recognitionsby William Gaddis
  80. Red Harvest[红色收获]by Dashiell Hammett 下载lit
  81. Revolutionary Roadby Richard Yates
  82. The Sheltering Skyby Paul Bowles
  83. Slaughterhouse-Five[第五号屠场]by Kurt Vonnegut 下载pdf
  84. Snow Crash[雪崩]by Neal Stephenson 下载pdf
  85. The Sot-Weed Factorby John Barth
  86. The Sound and the Fury[喧哗与骚动]by William Faulkner 下载pdf
  87. The Sportswriterby Richard Ford
  88. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold[柏林谍影]  by John LeCarre 下载Ebook
  89. The Sun Also Rises[太阳照样升起]by Ernest Hemingway 下载PDF
  90. Their Eyes Were Watching Godby Zora Neale Hurston 
  91. Things Fall Apart[瓦解/生命中不可承受之重]by Chinua Achebe下载pdf
  92. To Kill a Mockingbird[杀死一只知更鸟]by Harper Lee 下载txt
  93. To the Lighthouse[到灯塔去]by Virginia Woolf 下载pdf
  94. Tropic of Cancer[北回归线]by Henry Miller 下载doc 在线阅读
  95. Ubikby Philip K. Dick 下载html
  96. Under the Netby Iris Murdoch
  97. Under the Volcanoby Malcolm Lowrey
  98. Watchmenby Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
  99. White Noise[白噪音]by Don DeLillo 下载pdf
  100. White Teeth[白色的牙齿]by Zadie Smith 下载pdf



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